NET/SET Geomorphology

Cyclones and Anticyclones


Cyclones and anticyclones are natural phenomena that influence the weather patterns across the globe. These weather systems are crucial in shaping the weather in different regions and are often characterized by low or high-pressure centers, winds, and temperature changes. In this article, we will explore the basics of cyclones and anticyclones and how they influence …

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Plate Tectonic Theory

Plate tectonic theory was proposed in 1967. Plate tectonic theory is the theory that explains how the tectonic plates were broken or flowed, what the reason is, and what the relationship is between the current earthquakes and volcanoes. This theory is not of one scientist, Morgan, Parker, Mekenzy, and Stone put forward different concepts, and …

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Continental Drift Theory

Distribution of oceans and continents The position of the ocean and continents today is not the same as it is today, changes have taken place. The Atlantic Ocean coastline noticed kelyvr felt someone has split in two. (See Symmetry) Can this be called a coincidence? After seeing such symmetry, many scientists/geographers made maps, and they …

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