In the satellite image browsing system, we use many websites first one is Earth Explorer USGS ( and the second is Indian satellite Bhuvan ( We can download satellite images from these websites. Now we will see it step by step.

Bhuvan portal allows you to access Geo Spatial Services, provided satellite data of IRS sensors, satellite-derived products pertaining to various themes and domains. Also, specific database information is shortlisted here better visualization of the summary of information.

Bhuvan is the national Geo-portal developed and hosted by ISRO comprising of Geo-Spatial Data, Services and Tools for Analysis. It has many versatile features, for Example (1) Visualization of Satellite Imagery and Maps (2) Analysis (3) Free Data Download and (4) Download Reports to name a few. The Satellite Imageries are Multi-sensor, Multi-platform and Multi-temporal in nature can be visualized in 2D and 3D. Varieties of thematic maps are also hosted to analyze various natural resource themes. Bhuvan platform supports many applications that address Governance and other Geo Spatial applications used by the Central and State Governments Departments, Academia and Industry.

Bhuvan is the Indian website to browse satellite image. Go on the google search engine and select the first website.

After that go on Open Data Archive Option.

A new window will open after clicking on Open Data Archive. You need to make a user id on this page so click to log in. A new small window will open for login credentials, scroll down it and click on New User

Create a login id by providing details such as user name, email id, first name, last name, etc.

Go to click here login and also an email sent to your email id, activate that email id and login in Bhuvan portal through your login. After Login start searching satellite data of your study area by using the below steps.

After opening the window go to the select category and select satellite/sensor and select sub category select Resourcesat-1 / Resourcesat -2 : LISS III

After selecting satellite go on select area option and select tile option. Click on the start option and select any tile that you want to download. After providing satellite details scroll down and go to Select Area. In that different options are provided to select area such as bounding box, mapsheet, tiles and interactive drawing.

Bounding box- in this you can provide extent of your study area.

Mapsheet- 50k toposheets no. of your study area.

Tiles- select by clicking on tiles on the right screen.

Interactive drawing- one can draw random polygon based on the study area in the right screen to select tiles.

After selecting image go to the next option and select the image that you want to download.

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