The Birth of the EARTH

EARTH, is the most beautiful planet in our galaxy, probably in the universe. it is our home and also home for countless species. but what is the history behind her? How she has become the place where we are living today? For many years scientists are trying to search for the answers. Let’s see what they found in simple words.

Supernova explosion

Now we know that the Earth is on the edge of the milky way galaxy, but before the Birth of the earth, there was a large cloud of gas and dust which scientists call a Molecular cloud. They are so large and can cover hundreds of lightyears in size. It contains the debris of hundreds of dead stars. When a star explodes after burning its fuel it throws debris, ashes, and gases into the surrounding space, this event is called a Supernova. this explosion gives birth to the new stars and planets with the help of gravitational force. And our solar system is one of them. Gravity draws the dust particles of the molecular cloud into one place. Over time of period, the cloud began to compress under its own gravitational force. It takes almost 10 million years to form a solid shape. When the Molecular cloud shrinks, it causes the center to heat up. This spinning heat ball makes our sun. but there are still lots of dust and clouds spinning around the sun like a disk. This material eventually made our earth and other planets. In this process, first, the dust particles stick together and form an uneven shape of a rock, then these space rocks made the asteroids around a half mile which can have their own gravitational force. In the beginning, these small asteroids came together and form around 20 planets. This process took around 3 million years. As these, all planets surrounded the sun their gravity affected each other and they collided with each other, over time these planet’s collided with each other and reduced in number to the few we know. It took around 30 million years for the earth to come to this stage.

After that, the earth experienced the deadly radiation of the sun. it can have devastating effects on the planet. Earth is surrounded by the atmosphere. But these solar winds damaged the atmosphere, and increase the heat on the planet. But the core of earth saves most solar winds with its magnetic field. The magnetic field also causes beautiful arouras on both poles of the earth.

Astroid impact (Image source:

Then after 50 million years a big asteroid collided with the earth and created a ring of debris around the earth. This debris then began to form shape on our moon. After this event earth remains melted for a long time. And the moon was also very close to the earth. But this is a very important event of all time on the earth. The collision makes the earth tilt on the axis which created seasons. For many years the seasons on earth changed gently. Which is a very important part of the birth of life on earth. The moon gave us tides. When the moon was close the tides were very strong but they began to weaken as the moon drifted away. But where does the water come from?
water is the most essential element to sustain life on the earth. In the beginning, there was no water on the earth. Scientists have found that the earth on the water was brought by the comets in space. On January 18, 2000, a meteoroid entered in the earth’s atmosphere. And from that they found that asteroids have made of 20% of water. But it is not the work of a single asteroid. Lots of asteroid ashes crashed to earth and smashed apart. Leaving water on the planet. A study reveals that the water arrived in less than 150 million years. Eventually, the temperature on the earth began to cool. But the atmosphere was too much dense at the time and there was no oxygen.

Scientists found that the oxygen on the earth is produced by macrobacteria’s. stromatolites produced most of the oxygen at the time for so long years. But oceans at the time contained too much iron in the waters. That’s why most of the oxygen is absorbed by the ocean water. It reacted with the iron contained in the water and converted it into rust. Then the rust in the water precepted into the bottom of the ocean and formed a rock. These rocks trapped most of the Oxygen. Around 2 ½ billions year ago oxygen levels began to rise again. And after that, it reaches the level at which animals could survive. Now the earth has an Atmosphere filled with Oxygen, Water to sustain life, and cool temperatures. It was the perfect environment to create and evolve life.

This was the story of the birth of the earth. from nothing to a beautiful planet that can be home to countless species. It is our home, One of a Kind.

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