Concept of Development


“Development means changes in desired direction and as a desired speed.”

“Development means remove the inequalities among the person, region and state.”

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Factor Controlling/Affecting Development

  1. Physical Resources:
  • There is a positive relationship between quality, diversity, quality of resources, and regional variation in the level of development.
  • The region which has full of resources they have greater potential to develop. e.g. U.S.A, Russia.

2. Technology:

  • Technology refers to the quality upgradation of both goods and services.
  • There is a positive relationship between the level of development and technological advancement.
  • Western countries are very advanced in technology so they are considered developed countries.

3. Social Structure

  • The social organization and social institution in society both impact upon development.
  • ‘Ethnic tension’ is said a negative correlation with the economic health of a region.
  • The area having strong urban-rural linkages has a higher level of development as a positive correlation.

4. Economic Structure:

  • The economic structure of a region in terms of the share of the primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary sectors of the economy is concerned with development.
  • The higher the share of the primary sector in a regional economy, the lower is its grip implying a negative correlation between the two.
  • The regions in which a large number of people engage in non-primary activities are concerned in the developed regions because their grip is high.

5. Political Setup:

  • Political set up of region in terms of degree concentration/decentralization of power and its expression in the form of monarchy, feudalism, capitalism, democracy, etc.
  • It is said that per capita GNP has a strong correlation with the nature of the political organization of the region.
  • e.g – A strong positive correlation between per capita GNP and the degree of a democratic institution. The negative correlation between the per capita GNP and the degree of dictatorial tendencies.

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